The immunity-boosting mineral you might not be thinking about

Today, the public’s focus on supporting immune health is greater than ever, leading to an unforeseen demand for formulations containing scientifically validated ingredients - one of them being selenium. And we anticipate that the interest in selenium's immune health benefits won't slow down any time soon. 

Interest-in-immune-linked-ingredients-like-selenium-to-persist-after-pandemic-passes-supplier-asserts_wrbm_largeIn a recent NutraIngredients-USA interview, our CEO Paul Willis outlines selenium’s critical importance to public health as well as the substantial benefits to formulating immune health products with body-ready, protein bound selenium. He also explains why selenium is also an essential ingredient in healthy aging formulas. Most of the foundational research on selenium and its functionality has been conducted using our gold-standard form of organically bound selenium, SelenoExcell, which is FDA-affirmed GRAS. 

To assist you in understanding more about selenium’s benefits at the cellular level, Paul announced in this article our recently published extensive scientific dossier, written by David Waters, examining the evidence and exploring the ways that selenium supports immune health. 

Click here to request your free copy of this dossier and let us know if you have any questions about formulating with SelenoExcell. 

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