Look no further for fully-reacted, chelated mineral supply

You might be wondering what the experts in yeast-bound minerals is doing with a new, chelated mineral line, and the answer is: doing it right. 

The truth is, our customers don’t have the time to validate every ingredient that goes in the final product, so we do it for them. The integrity of our industry begins with ingredient suppliers, and we take the responsibility of producing the highest quality ingredients that work, very seriously.  

In a recent article by NutraIngredients-USA, our CEO Paul Willis, explains that TheCHELATES. are the real deal, formulated to be the closest thing to food-form minerals. Because they are pure, fully reacted chelated minerals, they provide greater bioavailability and lower toxicity. The proof is in the science! With TheCHELATES., there is no blending thus, no compromise, just an unbuffered and fully reacted, chelated mineral. 


Check out our current chelate offerings: 

  • Ferrous bisglycinate 
  • Magnesium bisglycinate 
  • Calcium bisglycinate 
  • Calcium citrate malate 
  • Chromium picolinate 
  • Manganese bisglycinate 
  • Copper bisglycinate 
  • Zinc bisglycinate 

Interested in formulating with TheCHELATES.? Click here to start a conversation. 

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